Ocean Downs Payment 6/24

Attention Horsemen:

At our last board meeting, the board approved a vote to give the drivers a $10.00 stipend on all horses finishing 6th-8th at Ocean Downs.  Ocean Downs accepted the policy change and has started to implemented this policy.

Owners of Maryland Owned/Sired/Bred Horses may have noticed that there was a $5.00 Driver Fee taken out.  This was a mistake, you will be receiving a return of that $5.00 in your next payment.

The board also approved a motion to give Drivers and Trainers 5% of the Bonus given to Maryland Owned/Sired/Bred.  Ocean Downs also accepted the change in policy and has started to implement.  CSOA worked with Ocean Downs to tweak the formula that has been used in years past, so you will see credits from 6/12-6/17 on the next payment to correct the difference in the formulas.

Driver who have received a Drivers Fee of $5.00 will have that deducted from their next payment, but will get a credit for any MD Owned/Sired/Bred horse that they drove that received a bonus because of a simpler bonus formula.

CSOA would like to thank Ocean Downs for their quickness in accepting and implementation of the recently board approved motions.

CSOA are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Once CSOA was made aware of the issue we quickly worked with Ocean Downs to rectify the issue.   Thank You for your understanding.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call the office at 301-567-9636 and we will try to answer them.