May Training at Casino @ Ocean Downs

may training ocen downs

  • Training Time are between 7:00am – 12:00pm on designated days.
  • Month of May‐through and including May 23‐ Sunday for Monday‐ and Thursday for Friday. 410‐641‐0600 x3377‐ 8 am until 10 am
  • For June 2  and throughout the entire meet, including August 31‐
    410‐641‐0600‐x3211 or x3212 (race office); again from 8am until 10 am
  • Please note: there will be a $50 monthly training fee for those horsemen who are NOT a member of CSOA and/or a member of MSBA. The fee will cover your entire stable you have in training. Thank you.

For More information please check out Casino @ Ocean Downs’ Website here