CSOA Board Meeting – December 15th @ Rosecroft Raceway

President Thomas Cooke has called a meeting of the CSOA Board for December 15, 2016.
CSOA Board Meeting
December 15, 2016
Rosecroft Raceway in the Earl Wagner Room on the 3rd Floor
Time: 2:30 pm
  1. Approval of CSOA Meeting Minutes October 10, 2016 and Executive Session Minutes
  2. CSOA Benefits Update:
    Life Insurance
    Workers’ Compensation
    3rd Party Liability
    Retirement Plan
  1. MRC November Meeting Update
  1. Preferences / Bonus
  1. MSRF Meeting Update – Gary White
  1. Rosecroft Track Relation Committee Update
  1. Ocean Downs Update
    Race Days
  1. CSOA November Financial Report
  1. CSOA Employee Health Insurance
  1. New Business